Sudan has Quickly to Appoint New Prime Minister: Al-Burhan

January 3, 2022 (KHARTOUM) – Abdel Fattah al-Burhan Head of the Sovereign Council and army Commander-in-Chief, on Monday, said there is a need to quickly appoint a new prime minister in Sudan.

Al-Burhan made his remarks during a briefing to the senior military commanders of the regular army and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) at the general command of the Sudan Armed Forces in Khartoum, a day after the resignation of Abdallah Hamdok.

“A government of technocrats with specific tasks must be formed,” he said before to add that it should be agreed by all Sudanese at this historic juncture in the country,” al-Burhan said, according to a statement issued by the Sovereign Council.

Al-Burhan further underlined the need to achieve peace, restoring security, addressing people’s livelihood issues and conducting elections”.

Prime Minister Hamdok resigned Sunday night, more than a month after signing a political agreement with the coup leader who ousted his civilian partners on October 25, 2021.

The premier minister’s resignation took place as a result of the popular rejection of his agreement with al-Burhan. Also, his failure to persuade the peace groups to accept the formation of a pure technocratic cabinet.

Al-Burhan said that the army is the guardian of territorial integrity and national security.

He repeated that they would protect the democratic transition until free and fair elections be held in Sudan.

The briefing was attended by the chief of staff and the director of the intelligence service.

Political leaders of Forces for Freedom and Change call for al-Burhan resignation saying he obstructs the democratic transition in Sudan.

Also, they accuse his deputy and RSF commander of supporting him.

Rumours circulate over who would the new prime minister, as many names have been mentioned on social media including former Finance Minister Ibrahim al-Badawi and former acting Foreign Minister Omer Dahab.

According to Rihab Sadiq al-Mahdi a member of the National Umma Party (NUP) leadership, Al-Badawi confirmed he had been approached and asked about his readiness to accept the position.

The former minister who is a NUP member said he emphasized the need for a political agreement accepted by the “revolutionary youth” and “most of the political forces” before accepting this position.

While Ambassador Dahab is known for his closeness with al-Burhan and serves as a diplomatic adviser.


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