Restoring constitutional territory as key objective of Tigrai Interim Administration

Tigrai Interim Administration President Getachew Reda says restoring the constitutional territory of Tigrai is one of the key objectives of the Interim Administration.

In his first statement this morning, the president said the Pretoria agreement stipulates territorial integrity of the region will be restored constitutionally.

“Western Tigrai, Southern Tigrai as well as Tselemti which is part of Northwestern Tigrai are not only under occupation, but also witnessing the continuation of genocidal crimes and displacement of civilians.” the President stated.

The president also call on the federal government to expedite its efforts to help the mistreated people of Tigrai while commending the government for a ‘good start’.
“I want to make sure that the people of Tigrai and the Interim Administration are ready to give all they have to bring the relationship into another step”

President Getachew also thanked the African Union, United Nations, European Union and its member states as well the United States for their unprecedented role to bring peace and called to continue their efforts on ensuring sustainable peace, bringing justice as well as taking meaningful action on those who want to sabotage the peace process

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